The NHS COVID-19 app will be updated from time to time with new functionality and improvements. The latest version of the app offers the best protection against coronavirus (COVID-19), so it’s important to keep it updated.

Sometimes, when an update to the app is very important, we may send you a message asking you to update your app or operating system. If the update is critical to the app working properly, the old version of the app will stop working and you will need to upgrade.

If you are required to update your app, the notification will say:

“The app availability has changed” or “The app is not currently available”.

When you tap the notification you will get a message saying:

“Update this app. This version of the app is out of date and has stopped working.

Go to the App Store / Google Play Store and update it to the latest version to help keep you and your loved ones safe.”

The message will look like this:

Read more about how to update your app