You can book a test for coronavirus in many ways, including through the NHS COVID-19 app. If you book your test through the app, your test result, whether positive or negative, will be updated automatically in the app.

However, if you booked a test a different way, you may still be able to link your test result to the app.

By linking a test result to the app, the app can give you the most relevant guidance. You can also choose to share your result anonymously. The NHS will then send alerts to other app users who have spent time near you, or in ‘close contact', over the last few days. These alerts will never identify you as an individual. Read more about who gets an alert if you test positive.

Anyone who books a test through the official testing website, which is the vast majority of people, will receive a code allowing them to link their test result to the NHS COVID-19 app.

If you get a test in a NHS hospital, through a Public Health England lab (which carry out tests for NHS hospitals), or in a surveillance study, and test positive for coronavirus, you can now request a code when contacted by NHS Test and Trace.

To link your test result to the app, select Enter test result on the home screen of your app. Then, enter the code you received from the testing service by email or text.