It is important that businesses do all they can to ensure employees and customers are protected against coronavirus. Read guidance about COVID-secure workplaces.

Even if you work in a COVID-secure environment, you should still download and use the NHS COVID-19 app. The app is able to quickly identify and notify you if you come into contact with someone who later tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). You can help stop the spread of the virus by following the instruction to self-isolate, which reduces the need for more employees to self-isolate or take time off sick.

The app will only tell you to self-isolate if your phone has been close to the phone of another app user who has tested positive. If you're following social distancing guidance in the workplace, it will not record contact. Read more about how contact tracing alerts are sent.

We want as many people as possible to download and use the app. Everyone who downloads the app will be helping in the fight against coronavirus. Although there should be no requirement for employees to use the app, employers should not be preventing staff from using it if they want to.

There are a few scenarios when we advise that you should pause contact tracing on the app. Read more about when the app should be paused.