Your official NHS QR code poster should be displayed at entrances to your venue, in places that are easy for visitors to see and access. Visitors will then be able to scan the poster with the app on their phone to check-in.

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If you are already keeping a record of your staff, customers and visitors to support NHS Test and Trace or NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect, we recommend having at least one poster in the location you are collecting visitor details. You do not need to have a poster at exits to a venue.

NHS QR code posters should be put up somewhere that is easy to see and access for wheelchair users and people with other disabilities. The same poster can be printed multiple times.

Multiple QR codes can be generated using the online tool. These can be for different venues you operate or for different spaces within a very large venue. Read more information about how many posters you might need.

Advice on displaying NHS QR code posters

  • You can display your QR code poster at your venue using digital signage. For example, on a TV screen or iPad.

  • The default size to print your poster is A4. This is the minimum size you should use when displaying posters on walls and at entrances to your venue. If you wish to print the poster larger than A4, you can do this in the print settings from your browser or in the settings specific to your printer.

  • If you want some posters for visitors to scan at close range, for example, handouts on tables, you may wish to print them smaller than A4. You can do this in the print settings by selecting to print multiple 'pages per sheet' or similar. This should only be used for posters intended for close-range scanning. You should always display at least one poster in A4 or larger at your venue entrance.

  • NHS QR codes work in black and white or colour print.

  • Contact a local printing shop if you do not have your own printing facility.

  • Display your NHS QR code poster on a flat, opaque surface so that it can easily be scanned.

  • Do not wrap the poster around a pole as this makes it difficult for visitors to scan.

  • Glare from windows can make scanning QR codes more difficult.