The NHS COVID-19 app is only able to scan official NHS QR code posters. This is for security reasons and because the NHS QR technology means that venue check-in history remains on the user’s device.

In England, if you're currently using your own QR code system to collect records of your staff, visitors or customers for contact tracing purposes, you should now switch to the official NHS QR code system. These venues must display an official NHS QR code poster at their entrance, or at the point of service. Read more about which venues in England must display the NHS QR code posters.

By supporting the official system, you'll be protecting your visitors, customers and your business. Using the official NHS QR code posters will help to slow the spread of the virus, reduce the impact of the second wave, and help normal life to resume more quickly.

If you use any other QR code system at your venue, you must ensure that it does not show any NHS or NHS Test and Trace logos. You should also explain to your customers that you are using more than one QR code system in your venue. Unofficial QR codes will not work with the NHS COVID-19 app, can cause confusion for visitors, and could result in them missing important public health advice.