If your venue is in England or Wales, you can create your poster now.

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To create your poster, you'll need:

  • the postcode and address of the venue where you're going to put your NHS QR code poster

  • an email address so that the poster can be sent to you

  • a contact phone number and an email address for each of your venue locations

  • to select your venue or organisation type from a list - if it's not in the list or if you're unsure select Other

A unique code will be sent to your email address to validate it. You'll need to open your email account, find this code and enter it into the website when asked.

This could be the same number and email address for multiple venues, or different contact details for each venue. For example, contact details of a store manager if that’s not you. The email address can be the same or different to the one you first use to register with the QR code poster website.