Although it is no longer a legal requirement for venues to display an official NHS QR code poster or request that customers, visitors and staff ‘check in’, this is still encouraged. By displaying the official NHS QR code poster, businesses will be helping to stop the spread of the virus, keeping customers and visitors safe, and protecting their business. People can check in by scanning the NHS QR code poster via their NHS COVID-19 app or by providing their contact details. This will support NHS Test and Trace to contact people exposed to COVID-19, so that they can book a test.

Establishments in the following sectors should encourage attendees to check in using the NHS COVID-19 app and maintain records of staff, customers and visitors who choose to provide their contact details:

  • hospitality services, including pubs, bars, restaurants and cafés

  • tourism and leisure services, including hotels, museums, cinemas and amusement arcades

  • close contact services, including hairdressers, barbershops and tailors (including mobile close contact businesses)

  • places of worship

  • community centres, libraries and village halls

Venues outside of these categories that are visited by members of the public, and have an indoor space where people congregate, are encouraged to display an official NHS QR code poster at the entrance to the venue.

If a number of people attending a venue on the same day test positive for COVID-19, other attendees who checked in to the venue will receive a ‘venue alert’. This will be via an app notification or text message (depending on how the individual checked in). The attendee will be advised to book a test; there is no requirement to self-isolate unless the recipient tests positive for COVID-19. NHS Test and Trace will only ask a venue for manual records if there is an outbreak.

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