You can book a test through the app if you:

  • Report coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms in the app - read more about how to check symptoms and book a test through the app.

  • Enter a positive rapid lateral flow test result (except for at home tests in Wales) - read more about how to link your test result into the app.

  • Have received an app notification saying you've been in close contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19.

  • Have received an app alert saying you’ve recently been to a venue where there’s been an outbreak of COVID-19 and should book a test.

You can find 'Book a test' in the 'Testing for COVID-19' home screen option:

  • During the period you are self-isolating

  • For 10 days after getting an alert about a venue you have visited

If you test positive for coronavirus, you'll be able to see your result through the app. You can then choose to share data anonymously, so that other app users who have spent time near you will get an alert to tell them that they're at risk.

These alerts will never identify you. The notification will typically come through within hours of getting your test result. Read more about who gets an alert if you test positive.

Read more about booking a test when you do not have symptoms.