When you check into venues using the NHS COVID-19 app and official NHS QR code posters, this data is held on your phone.

You do not need to check out of a venue. Contact tracers will only ask for the date you were at a venue, not the time.

When you check in somewhere new, your phone will know you have left the previous venue. It will automatically check you out of your latest venue at midnight.

If it’s identified that people with coronavirus (COVID-19) have been to a venue, it may be decided that anyone who was at that venue on the same date will get an alert.

This alert will tell you that you visited a venue on the same day as people that have tested positive for coronavirus. It will ask you to follow the latest advice on social distancing. It will not tell you to self-isolate.

Read more about how it’s decided whether you get an alert from a venue you’ve checked into.