The NHS COVID-19 app is no longer in use and the Isle of Wight trial has now ended. This is archived information from 18 June 2020. If you still have the app, please uninstall it.

Users may get a notification which reads 'To keep yourself secure, please relaunch the app’. This occurs when either the user or the device closes the NHS COVID-19 app such as when users close background apps on a mobile device.

In order for the NHS COVID-19 app to detect proximity with other app users, the app must be running in the foreground (you can see on your screen) or in the background (not visible but still running).

A notification to 'relaunch the app?’ Will appear when the app is closed to alert you that proximity detection is not taking place and the app needs relaunching.

Once you re-open the NHS COVID-19 app, a message within the app will read 'The app is working properly'.