The NHS COVID-19 app is no longer in use and the Isle of Wight trial has now ended. This is archived information from 18 June 2020. If you still have the app, please uninstall it.

We’re launching the first phase of a large-scale, integrated contact tracing and testing programme. This will play a central role in how the UK manages the rate of COVID-19 transmission along with restrictions on social distancing.

The three elements we’ll be launching are:

  • The NHS COVID-19 app: an automated system for rapid symptom reporting, ordering of swab tests, and sending targeted alerts to app users.
  • Public Health England contact tracing: web-based Contact Tracing and Advisory Service (CTAS) and increased capacity to provide tailored alerts to all contacts by phone
  • Virology swab testing: widespread availability of rapid swab testing kits to make sure confirmed cases remain in isolation, and support rapid detection and isolation of higher-risk contacts.